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jute bags

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  • 02 Aug, 2011
  • jute bags
  • jute bags
  • jute bags
  • jute bags

Jute Products
Jute is one of the strongest natural plant fibers that are durable and re-usable. It is a 100% natural material that consumes carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. Fabrics made of jute fibers are therefore carbon dioxide neutral and are naturally decomposable.
There is a far greater advantage for users of jute products than just helping the environment. It is a thriving marketing method that is being used by many small to multinational corporations in the US and Europe
Non Woven
The most widely used eco-friendly material, promotional tool that most importantly is cost efficient. Due to its soft and flexible nature, foldable pouch non-woven bags are the perfect branding tools that are compact and durable.
Recycled Paper Products
switch from the paper products to the recycled paper products and take the step to helping the Make the easy environment. Help your country make it a greener place to live.

Start your eco-support from the basic stationery at your desk. We got pens that are produced from recycled paper, newspapers and cardboards; moreover these are all biodegradable. If giving out an eco-friendly pen is just not enough, then we got recycled notebook sets to accompany them. Making it a perfect eco-support gift set for your clients.

Water-Powered Clocks
Batteries are getting old; lets go green with water-powered clocks. Make a bold statement to the clients about your support for the environment. Available in innovative styles and shapes that would best suit your branding needs.

Cubics are the most innovatively catching 3D promotional tool for letting out your company message. The perfect way your brand and message could keep your client’s hands occupied and mind linked to the message. Moreover you get a variety of possibilities of inputting the cubes into pens, calendars, USB and much more

Being a “must-have” product to on your office desk, highlighters are the colorful way to market your brand. Moreover you can create shapes that would be best suited to your business activity.

The ‘need’ for your exhibitions; the ‘companion’ to your employees.Lanyard materials ranging from eco-friendly, polyester, non-woven to satin that can be used as ID badges, USB, mobile holders, and much more.

The brand tool for keeping your client’s energetic through the day. We have great creative mugs such as the Chalk Mug and the 3D logo mug for making yours stand from the rest.

An endless possibility of shapes and styles to best suit your business activity that would securely carry yours client’s data. Plus the ‘secret USB’ is a fun way to get your client’s puzzling, ask us today for more information.

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